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Well today I will return to the city and call up Acer, so let's hope that all will go well with my computer. Anyway, Raymond has requested a change of the Estate icon because he beleives it symbolizes nothing to do with what we are doing. He prefers four swords or a pen and sword or something of that sort, however, I personally am not for the change of our ensignia because I do not want cliched logos already even if no one has made it yet most people know about it, and I prefer an idea that is brand new, which in it's own essence symoblizes something. This though can be raised up in our next meeting or whatnot. I also don't believe it's necessary like our "bylaws" all these are superficial uselessness unless a foundation is made and frankly our foundation doesn't exist still. We all have ambitions and ideas, but all of those ideas are forgetting that we don't ahve any progress yet since they all would only work after the progress is made along with a foundation. Though there is no strong foundation, we are approaching a point where the foundation is based on the site and frankly me for some weird reason. Though this is a very coneited thought, factually I think most would agree with me and i would not mind throwing all the work on someone else if he/she can truly actively pursue what I have done even with a schedule that fills up 9-5 everyday for the week.

The symbols and bylaws and whatnot supeficiality can all be pushed back since our main pritority will now be refocused on the site and mainly contributions which has been repeatedly referred to and if anyone can also come up with changes or suggestions for the bylaws and symbol it will also be fine. Whoever reads this , I would like you to know that I am probably going to prefer that we, the estate, meet online during Saturday night, and mainly I'm targetting Matt and ALex, lol since you are the only two that I know for sure might read this eventually. Sam and Jon are now peripherals of the estate since they are just hanging around.

More announcements and progress will continue to move forward....
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