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Wen's historical visit to India

After the Pope's death, the next key politically related issue is Premier Wen of China's visit to India. This historical visit has the attention of the world leaders and military because any movements between India and China in trade, military, alliances, and so forth can tip the balance of power. One of the most highly discussed possibilities is a triple axis between China-India-Russia, which was proposed by a former Russian prime minister and heavily advocated by Inida's former Chief of Staffs. A triple alliance between the three would completely tip the world balance of power. This type of alliance is also a threat to the US since it would negate US influence completely in Asia and Central Asia and partially the Middle East. Moreover, the U.S would recieve another block such as the EU in diplomatic actions. Furthermore, the alliance would generate a very powerful military force like that of NATO backed with 2 economic superpowers (India and China).

Wen's arrival is primarily to create the world's largest FTA zone between India and China as well as to set the precedent to solving border disputes and to also set the basis for future military, economic, and political agreements such as the above mentioned triple alliance.
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