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Splendor and Glory

After eating dinner, my relatives and my family returned home for the night. As we drove from the suburbs of Guangzhou to the city itself, I remembered something back in the States, the majestic city of New York. I must admit that compared to any other city, New York truly looks majestic as one travels from it's suburbs to the city center due to the arrangement of buildings and bridges that purposely or coincidentally makes the city look like an imperial city. However, when it comes to purely lights and night lights for taht matter, I saw Asiatic cities are the cpitome of them. No other part of the world contains as much night lights as Asia. The highways of China to the trees and rivers are all outlined by lights making them magnificent especially if you see them from the sky at night. New York lacks that sort of lights, but makes up in majesty.

This pondering got me to think of a simple historical concept and that is about monarchy. Monarchies are different in different culture. If I was to be a monarch, I would prefer to be one in Asia primarily China if I wanted glory, pride, wealth and grandeur. However, if I truly wanted absolute power plus some grandeur, I would choose Europe. If we can see the glory of being an emperor in ancient China, I believe anyone would feel an unprecendented level of grandeur at an epic level. Thanks to films and shows, many Chinese people can relive the magnificence emperors once pride themselves in showing. Of course, epic battle scenes of the western world primarily Europe has also been relived thanks to the media. The media world is probably one of the most important additions to our lives.
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