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Social Pressures

In my long stay in China, I learned recently some stuff that is rare to find from other sources unless people actively searched for it. Number one, stealing like corruption is rampant in China, however, if someone steals in public that person is screwed. In china, when someone steals from another, everyone else nearby attacks the stealer, gets the lost item back, and beats the criminal to a pulp before contacting the police or letting the police through. POlice nearby the crowd usually stays back since it's dangerous when there is a angry crowd. Why this is happening? Because everyone has either experienced or know someone that experienced stealing and get's really mad when society steals from people that are almost as poor or worst off as they are. Even if people are not poor, it is a cheap way out to steal since many others are willing to struggle to avoid as best as possible poverty while criminals are just stealing and being lazy.

Number two, learned something new in history from my uncle. We all know the Korean War and how China itnervened half way through. People never ask why did China intervene so quickly and with so many men ready. Moreover, another question never raised is why didn't China invade Taiwan early on before Taiwan acquired defenses and before American forces recuperated from WWII? The reason is the Korean War. According to my uncle, prior to the Korean War, China had gatehred 1,000,000 men to invade Taiwan, however, Kim Jong Il's impatience to retake the South ignited a war that attracted the UN and western powers. With the Korean peninsula unstable and China's border endangered and the US naval forces fully deployed and alerted of trouble in Asia, China could no longer invade Taiwan. The US had deployed her entire naval force to the pacific region in order to stablize and an invasion of Taiwan risks getting defeated by the now alerted US forces. So with that problem in hand, China had only the last option to take secure a possible weak border with the assembled army. So that's the key reason why China suddenly deployed such a massive army out of nowhere because it was already prepared for something else that has now been stopped. Moreover, if China invaded Taiwan, Western forces might push through N. Korea rapidly and enter China from the North endangering the sovereignty of China. That was the key reason for not invading Taiwan early on. Of course, we know today invading Taiwan is a hot topic, but America is the last obstacle and even it is being presured to the brink of not interfering. A physical invasion of taiwan is less likely to happen, but economic assimilation has the highest chance. If an invasion of Taiwan occurs, many national governments will not intervene militarily due to military and economic backlashes. the only one capable of taking a risk of interference is the US, but notice it is a risk and an unprecedented one too. Like Kissinger said about the Cold War, if the USSr launched nukes into some small country or even Europe the US will most likely not fire a single shot back since safety of your own country comes first.

OK now to the third topic, which is on more recent sutff. Malls in China and large shopping centres need maps cause it's so frigging big that I keep getting lost.
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