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I was recently like ten minutes ago, lol, looking up on google for PINR, ATimes, and TFE and what I realized was that our name is so commonly use that it's impossible to find it in google without having to go through 800+ results while the otehr two are right on the first hit. Beyond this, I was also analyzing the situation of, which was establihsed in 2000 and hasn't seen the amazing progress that both ATimes and PINR recieved. Coincidentally or maybe not, when searching for PINR in its full name"Power Interest News and Report" I discover that right under them in second is the just because Yellowtimes got permission from PINR to reprint their article. Additionally, I will correct myself once more, I did not realize until today that PINR bought both and so indeed both can be used to reach PINR.

Sadly, my computer's video card is completely obliterated thus I am limited to what I can do since school computers awkwardly has no frontpage I will not be able to make any changes to my website until I am home. Even if I choose to repair my computer by sending it to them I doubt it will take less than at least two to four weeks. However, I will do all that I can to gain access to The Fourth Estate website. I am debating on how to attain more articles and one of the most efficient ways I can think of is by somehow making us appear on the first page of google, which won't be cheap that's the problem those bastards. Another method is to continue the present attempts to gain external articles by gathering them from individuals or small groups liike that of Selwyn Duke or even Gary Kasporov's related website. However, such attempts can be failures as every individual would most likely refuse since they would prefer something that can set them in a good spot in life.
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