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Monday, May 30th, 2005
3:24 pm
Social Pressures
In my long stay in China, I learned recently some stuff that is rare to find from other sources unless people actively searched for it. Number one, stealing like corruption is rampant in China, however, if someone steals in public that person is screwed. In china, when someone steals from another, everyone else nearby attacks the stealer, gets the lost item back, and beats the criminal to a pulp before contacting the police or letting the police through. POlice nearby the crowd usually stays back since it's dangerous when there is a angry crowd. Why this is happening? Because everyone has either experienced or know someone that experienced stealing and get's really mad when society steals from people that are almost as poor or worst off as they are. Even if people are not poor, it is a cheap way out to steal since many others are willing to struggle to avoid as best as possible poverty while criminals are just stealing and being lazy.

Number two, learned something new in history from my uncle. We all know the Korean War and how China itnervened half way through. People never ask why did China intervene so quickly and with so many men ready. Moreover, another question never raised is why didn't China invade Taiwan early on before Taiwan acquired defenses and before American forces recuperated from WWII? The reason is the Korean War. According to my uncle, prior to the Korean War, China had gatehred 1,000,000 men to invade Taiwan, however, Kim Jong Il's impatience to retake the South ignited a war that attracted the UN and western powers. With the Korean peninsula unstable and China's border endangered and the US naval forces fully deployed and alerted of trouble in Asia, China could no longer invade Taiwan. The US had deployed her entire naval force to the pacific region in order to stablize and an invasion of Taiwan risks getting defeated by the now alerted US forces. So with that problem in hand, China had only the last option to take secure a possible weak border with the assembled army. So that's the key reason why China suddenly deployed such a massive army out of nowhere because it was already prepared for something else that has now been stopped. Moreover, if China invaded Taiwan, Western forces might push through N. Korea rapidly and enter China from the North endangering the sovereignty of China. That was the key reason for not invading Taiwan early on. Of course, we know today invading Taiwan is a hot topic, but America is the last obstacle and even it is being presured to the brink of not interfering. A physical invasion of taiwan is less likely to happen, but economic assimilation has the highest chance. If an invasion of Taiwan occurs, many national governments will not intervene militarily due to military and economic backlashes. the only one capable of taking a risk of interference is the US, but notice it is a risk and an unprecedented one too. Like Kissinger said about the Cold War, if the USSr launched nukes into some small country or even Europe the US will most likely not fire a single shot back since safety of your own country comes first.

OK now to the third topic, which is on more recent sutff. Malls in China and large shopping centres need maps cause it's so frigging big that I keep getting lost.
Saturday, May 28th, 2005
11:13 pm
Splendor and Glory
After eating dinner, my relatives and my family returned home for the night. As we drove from the suburbs of Guangzhou to the city itself, I remembered something back in the States, the majestic city of New York. I must admit that compared to any other city, New York truly looks majestic as one travels from it's suburbs to the city center due to the arrangement of buildings and bridges that purposely or coincidentally makes the city look like an imperial city. However, when it comes to purely lights and night lights for taht matter, I saw Asiatic cities are the cpitome of them. No other part of the world contains as much night lights as Asia. The highways of China to the trees and rivers are all outlined by lights making them magnificent especially if you see them from the sky at night. New York lacks that sort of lights, but makes up in majesty.

This pondering got me to think of a simple historical concept and that is about monarchy. Monarchies are different in different culture. If I was to be a monarch, I would prefer to be one in Asia primarily China if I wanted glory, pride, wealth and grandeur. However, if I truly wanted absolute power plus some grandeur, I would choose Europe. If we can see the glory of being an emperor in ancient China, I believe anyone would feel an unprecendented level of grandeur at an epic level. Thanks to films and shows, many Chinese people can relive the magnificence emperors once pride themselves in showing. Of course, epic battle scenes of the western world primarily Europe has also been relived thanks to the media. The media world is probably one of the most important additions to our lives.
Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
1:29 am
Do Americans need Self-reexamination?
Everyone is talking about China and the EU on the international stage, but obviously more about China as it changes more rapidly than any other region. For example, it is taking a year to just complete a four story Commerce Bank building in Lower Manhattan and one year to complete a less than 20 story apartment building in Boston; yet, in China it takes less than a year to construct three 30+ apartment buildings and more than three 40+ story commercial buildings. Most Americans know that the United States of America is falling and by all statistical and pure observational outlook, China is estimated to surpass the U.S. in every aspect in 15-20 years. Yet, what do most Americans do, nothing. Ironcially, the ruling party in the U.S. advocates ideas that are suppose to prevent this from happening, but what is the de facto situation, all talk but no action.

America is currently filled with problems liek an old man about to die. We have unmeasurable problems with our education system for heaven's sakes China's third largest university pumps out more engineers than all of the U.S. and Canada combined annually. Our deficits are at a ridiculous rate and yet we blame others for our internal problems when we know full well that the deficit is by and large a result of poor fiscal policies and reckless epxenditures and for heaven's sake why does our government spend $80 billion on a 7th escape tunnel for the Library of Congress when we can let's say turn that money over to the public education system. American's know so little about the outside world that only 15-20% of the country actually have passports and most of this population if most definitely immigrant families or rich people, where's the dominating middle class? The lack of care by American's for the outside world is astonishing for example our Congress dares to challenege other countries officials by calling and not asking them to attend a Congressional hearing. Yes,this happened and a former British official of Tony Blair's cabinet, Calloway, was called before Congress a few weeks ago. What happened? Calloway gave Congress a piece of their mind. Congress was insulted and attacked so well by a foreign politician that the hearing went inconclusive because Calloway did what any sane person does tell Congress that they are all just ignoring American problems and doing jack shit such as involving themselves in the Terri Schiavo case while North Korea has nukes and Iraq has none. No wonder in a recent poll only 31% of Americans believe in Congress. Moreover, it's ridiculous how our exective branch is so idealistically inefficient that they would put their spreading democracy ideal and christian ideals before the ideals of humanity or easier yet, the efficient ideals needed to preserve America. At least our administration has put Condolezza Rice into a position that suits her. Her practical attitude and non-idealistic principles puts her in a place where America can be helped greatly on the highly neglected international front. Another thing that is flawed with America is our trade policies. We have recently gone into war with China over trading textiles. I mean it's understandable since just in the first three weeks after quotas were lifted Chinese textile imports surged to nearly 1000% according to BBC. However, China's argument is also legitimate that the western world has failed to prepare for this surge in the given 10 year range. Why? The western world never believed China would be where it is today, well that's a slap in the face. Moreover, what are our policies? Defend textiles and decimate retail and other industries that are now hanging on thanks to Chinese demand for our goods, and are saving American consumers thanks to cheap Chinese products. Another major economic problem is the rarely mentioned housing market. My dad found out that the housing market was in shambles in the U.S. a year ago according to local Chinese papers and global economists, and now after a year a small number of reports about the housing market is slowly surfacing to the front covers. The American housing market is becoming a bubble now and it can pop anytime like the dot-com problem and hwat will happen? Another major recession probably strong enouhg this time for a depression. There are so many flaws with the current United States of America that I can write afor a very long time. Of course every country has problems, but what makes us worse? Because these problems are the ones most obvious and noticable by intelligence and common sense, sadly the majority of America lacks these two aspects.
Sunday, April 17th, 2005
8:04 pm
China vs. Japan Round 2
After another series of protests across China, the Japanese foreign minsiter demanded an apology from China, however, the Chinese foreign minister refused to give an apology while asserting that Japan was "hurting the feeligns of the Chinese people." The rising tensions between Japan and China is becoming a very serious issue.

For China, the Communist Party is attempting to maintain order over the people while allowing them to let off some steam. The protests were imminent as China's ruling party cannont defy the masses that truly wants to let off some steam. The hatred for Japan is genuine, but the protests were also in part political moves by China. The ruling party beyond what the media has said also wants to ensure the masses that China can in time let the people argue over what they want as long as the current political situation is maintained and allowed to evolve. However, the protests has proven that the people are filled with steam and anger and that maybe the protests are spiraling out of control. For the Communist party, the greatest fear now would be a merger between these protests and other political and social problems that have occurred. On an international stage, China has made it clear: Japan can either side with the US and its own nationalism or the rest of East Asia under de facto lead by China.

For Japan, the tensions are in part due to China and themselves. The Chinese has tapped into one of its most powerful aspects of nationalism: the Japanese wartime atrocites. Japan's own nationalism is threatening Japan's future as most of the current tensions are also part of Japan's ruling party to appease conservatives in Japan that prefers a stronger Japan. However, ercent disputes with Japan's neighbors threatens the future of the country. The most obvious is the argument with China over the textbooks, South East China Sea, and Taiwan. The other problem is with South Korea over the textbooks, North Korea, and the islets off the coast of Korea and Japan. Finally, the Japanese prime minister have also went to the disputed islets between Japan and Russia to declare the islands an integral part of Japan. Moreover, Japan is also arguing with Russia about where and how a trans-Siberian oil pipeline will be built to connect Japan with oil wells in Russia.

Japan's usual passive role in East Asia is changing as recent tensions with its neighbors show that Japan will no longer sit still. Recent growing nationalism in Japan has roused the public to request for more engagement and firmness by the Japanese government and conservative hawks have further made these issues a priority. Japan's recent alignment with Washington policies can be beneficial but also damaging in long term. In all of Asia including Australia, Japan is the only country to officially declare support for Taiwan in the event of Chinese invasion while other countries inlcuding Australia have pledged support for China in light of such an event. Moreover, South Korea's recent declaration to step up joint military moves with China along with Washington's withdrawal of troops from the peninsula shows that South Korea is neither in the Washington defense plans for Asia nor is it in the best interest of South Korea to align themselves with Washington. Japan's recent moves risk isolating the country from the rest of Asia as the clout of China's influence rises. According to a Japanese international affairs professor, Japan's current decisions to not anger the US or Europe is smart, however, at the rate it's going with Asia, Japan might as well give up a permanent seat in the UN and the fusion energy project, which requires South Korea's approval.

For the two Asian giants this is a time to becareful about their own domestic and international policies as many things can occur within the next few years. Some would ask what does this have to do with the US? Remember this, the tensions in Asia are reminders for Americans to beware of over nationalism or growing nationalism, which is occuring in America. Beware of how you define nationalism/patriotism and how you act in the name of it because it can turn into fascism.

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Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
11:55 pm
Shooting cats or massacring songbirds?
After a science lecture and an awkwards topic brought up during dinner by coincidence, I decided to participate a little more on the issue of cats and songbirds. I learned from lecture that in Australia shooting feral or stray cats are legal and most Australians hate cats (could be false, but I haven't ask any Australians yet), even if not most Australians at least all scientists shoot cats on site. Why? Because cats in Australia have led to mass extinctions of various species of animals in Australia primarily marsupials and currently there are probably other species being lost without humans ever knowing of their existence.

What does Australia ahve to do with us? Nothing but the global enivronment should. Anyway, on the North America continent Wisconsin has recently been debating about letting legal hunting of stray cats. This issue has been met with resistance from cat-lovers. Of course, this is also inhumane to just kill cats, but one way or another we are being inhumane if we let them just kill entire species for the fact that they just don't balance out cause we ensure they beat the living pulp out of other species. For what the sake of them being cute or humble? Of course there are better ways than killing. The most popular solution: NEVER let your cat(s) out the house. As a result of stray/wild cats, an estimated 47-139 million songbirds have been killed annually in North America by just 2 million stray/wild cats. A variety of different songbirds are now considered endangered or threatened because of the mass killings. The numbers are astounding and due to a lack of human knowledge the food chain might be heavily affected already. Changes in food chains or environment are difficult to predict since they take years or decades before having any obvious effect. By then it would be too late to save the food chain. So on conservative measures, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Though I love cats since they look soooooooo CUTE even though I have none :-(, I believe that we should be allowed to shoot wild cats, obviously not the cats at home. We have already messed the food chain up, might as well attempt to save it.

Any Thoughts?

Here are two reference articles:

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7:44 pm
China vs. Japan
Once again, I am keeping my promise to write more often on livejournal, and since my focus is on economic, military, politics and international affairs, I will mostly post stuff relating to those issues on The Fourth Estate. Anyway back to the subject of this piece. Anyone reading the international news currently would find that in regards to Asia China and Japan are flaring up tensions on both sides. China's recent mass protests over the Japanese history textbooks has brought up Japanese nationalism to defend themselves. One is flaring tensions up to ensure their seat of power (China) and the other is flaring up tensions over pride (Japan). Both sides obvisouly have their issues, however both sides are also correct.

This tension risks the complete scrapping of recent planned reforms within the UN. Tensions between China/Japan, India/Pakistan, Germany/Italy, and Brazil/Mexico have made reforms a very low possibility in the coming year. Unless these tensions are toned down or resolved, it seems the UN will not be changed anytime soon. China, a permanent veto wielding member, has hinted that it might veto the UN reforms unless Japan changes attitude. However, public disgruntle over Japan is so great that one can truthfully say that if China does let Japan get a permanent seat, there is a possibility that the public will revolt. That is how strong the passion against the japanese are. Of course, not everyone is like that, but even the calm and moderate primarily the older generation have held principles where they will not support Japan but will not also violently hurt them. The issue that is raised is political instability in China if Japan does get a seat when the public is basically pissed off since the issue might be woven with other sensitive issues and thus a chain of events can lead to civil war, and I believe no one wants to see 1.3 billion people in war. Imagine how the French were, and if that happened with China, I believe WWIII will be inevitable.

Currently, only diplomatic and economic agreements can really sort thing out over this issue for the two and moreover, I hate to seem biased, but Japan should concede a little otherwise they will risk running into a dead end. Rather live another to fight than to die pathetically. (not exactly what the sayig should be but close enough) But current tensions are still rising with Japan allowing private drilling of the the disputed South China Sea border with China, which is linked to China's undersea oil wells a few kilometers away.

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Sunday, April 10th, 2005
11:06 pm
Wen's historical visit to India
After the Pope's death, the next key politically related issue is Premier Wen of China's visit to India. This historical visit has the attention of the world leaders and military because any movements between India and China in trade, military, alliances, and so forth can tip the balance of power. One of the most highly discussed possibilities is a triple axis between China-India-Russia, which was proposed by a former Russian prime minister and heavily advocated by Inida's former Chief of Staffs. A triple alliance between the three would completely tip the world balance of power. This type of alliance is also a threat to the US since it would negate US influence completely in Asia and Central Asia and partially the Middle East. Moreover, the U.S would recieve another block such as the EU in diplomatic actions. Furthermore, the alliance would generate a very powerful military force like that of NATO backed with 2 economic superpowers (India and China).

Wen's arrival is primarily to create the world's largest FTA zone between India and China as well as to set the precedent to solving border disputes and to also set the basis for future military, economic, and political agreements such as the above mentioned triple alliance.
Friday, April 8th, 2005
1:33 am
I am currently too agitated to not write in this forum. The establishment of the 5th Estate forum and its sucess in livejournal proves that their assertion that the fourth estate is distracted is considerably true. The failure of this forum to generate any interest in others greatly challenges the integrity of the fourth estate. As such I, will for some reason begin posting constantly in this community.

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Wednesday, October 27th, 2004
12:11 am
"New Florida vote scandal feared."
I came across this article on BBC News.  I think everyone should read it, or at least skim it.


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Tuesday, October 12th, 2004
1:02 am
Hurray the Organization finally met at Boston and it was a spectacular trip where it was good weather and less argued trip. Though there were still much to be seen, we saw a decent amount of things and places before heading our seperate ways. For a more detailed posting please refer to Alex's journal entry, lol, I'm too lazy to rewrite all that. Many broken communication lines were re-estabished after this trip and the general feeling is that we had a much better result after this trip (probably because it was good in weather) yet we accomplished a lot in one day. With a bright future for the Organization, we are ready to meet the challenges ahead individually or organizationally. Ciao!(This posting was meaningless in truth since I just wanted to wtite something) lol but better than expected.

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Monday, September 27th, 2004
10:34 am
Yes, the Estate is going to have a meeting set on the Columbus Day weekend during October 9-11 in Boston for only Friday and Saturday (Oct 8-9). Matt, Alex, Dan and maybe Nicky Nunez will arrive in Boston Friday night and will depart on Saturday and I will probably leave with them since there is no one in Boston and everyone I know is returning to all amazing NYC. Though it will be no different than like a regular Friday for me, at least I get to go to NYC with friends and probably return with friends again. Anyway, Sam will also be arriving but I don't know his schedule and plans so I cannot confirm where I will meet him since I don't know where he's staying, but the rest is staying at Buckminster a hotel at the Eastern end of BU so it will be easy for me to see them.

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Sunday, September 26th, 2004
1:50 pm
Hitler's secret Indian army.
I came across an interesting article about World War II and how Hitler supposedly had a secret Indian army.  According to the article, "British intelligence was considered so sensitive that in 1945 it was locked away, not due to be released until the year 2021."  Of course, this intelligence was released seventeen years early.  Enjoy.

Link (BBC News):  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/3684288.stm
Friday, September 24th, 2004
12:43 pm
Sudden progress
Suddenly ten minutes ago I was checking online and I discovered that www.thefourthestate.com has been left hanging becasue it might not be renewed (though I doubt it) and if this is true I recommend the estate to pay only 2.99 a year for the acquiring of the domain name as well since it seems we will be competing with other sites secretly.

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12:20 pm
Well today I will return to the city and call up Acer, so let's hope that all will go well with my computer. Anyway, Raymond has requested a change of the Estate icon because he beleives it symbolizes nothing to do with what we are doing. He prefers four swords or a pen and sword or something of that sort, however, I personally am not for the change of our ensignia because I do not want cliched logos already even if no one has made it yet most people know about it, and I prefer an idea that is brand new, which in it's own essence symoblizes something. This though can be raised up in our next meeting or whatnot. I also don't believe it's necessary like our "bylaws" all these are superficial uselessness unless a foundation is made and frankly our foundation doesn't exist still. We all have ambitions and ideas, but all of those ideas are forgetting that we don't ahve any progress yet since they all would only work after the progress is made along with a foundation. Though there is no strong foundation, we are approaching a point where the foundation is based on the site and frankly me for some weird reason. Though this is a very coneited thought, factually I think most would agree with me and i would not mind throwing all the work on someone else if he/she can truly actively pursue what I have done even with a schedule that fills up 9-5 everyday for the week.

The symbols and bylaws and whatnot supeficiality can all be pushed back since our main pritority will now be refocused on the site and mainly contributions which has been repeatedly referred to and if anyone can also come up with changes or suggestions for the bylaws and symbol it will also be fine. Whoever reads this , I would like you to know that I am probably going to prefer that we, the estate, meet online during Saturday night, and mainly I'm targetting Matt and ALex, lol since you are the only two that I know for sure might read this eventually. Sam and Jon are now peripherals of the estate since they are just hanging around.

More announcements and progress will continue to move forward....

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Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
6:03 pm
I was recently like ten minutes ago, lol, looking up on google for PINR, ATimes, and TFE and what I realized was that our name is so commonly use that it's impossible to find it in google without having to go through 800+ results while the otehr two are right on the first hit. Beyond this, I was also analyzing the situation of www.yellowtimes.org, which was establihsed in 2000 and hasn't seen the amazing progress that both ATimes and PINR recieved. Coincidentally or maybe not, when searching for PINR in its full name"Power Interest News and Report" I discover that right under them in second is the Yellowtimes.org just because Yellowtimes got permission from PINR to reprint their article. Additionally, I will correct myself once more, I did not realize until today that PINR bought both www.pinr.com and www.pinr.org so indeed both can be used to reach PINR.

Sadly, my computer's video card is completely obliterated thus I am limited to what I can do since school computers awkwardly has no frontpage I will not be able to make any changes to my website until I am home. Even if I choose to repair my computer by sending it to them I doubt it will take less than at least two to four weeks. However, I will do all that I can to gain access to The Fourth Estate website. I am debating on how to attain more articles and one of the most efficient ways I can think of is by somehow making us appear on the first page of google, which won't be cheap that's the problem those bastards. Another method is to continue the present attempts to gain external articles by gathering them from individuals or small groups liike that of Selwyn Duke or even Gary Kasporov's related website. However, such attempts can be failures as every individual would most likely refuse since they would prefer something that can set them in a good spot in life.

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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004
11:51 pm
More of a test.
According to the profile, I only monitor this community.  I would like to become a member.  I wonder if this post will do that for me...

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4:50 pm
The Fourth Estate - The Reformation
Welcome everybody to the Fourth Estate! Though my comp is broken i believe it is overheating and really pissing me off, anyway the fourth estate is about to hold its next meeting in Boston most likely and I believe that it will be a great place to meet and a rather more unique meeting spot. I know people are busy and so am I so I should be sorry to Nick for delaying a review for him. Anyway, there are possbilisites to be found such as in any international relations course, philosophy course, politics course, etc. or better yet in the specific clubs such as the Model UN (I will be joining for my school), Democrat/Republican club, politics/philosophy club, even in sports, or etc. the necessity of hving to find friends is not absolutely necessary since it can be also professors, upperclassmen, or just people who like to write about these things. However, friends are better since they are more trustworthy and easier to contact and communciate with. Needless to say, I am busy trying to ensure that the Estate will stay steadfast until everyone is hopefully ready (though college is seemingly easier thatn highschool, i bet our laziness has much to do with it). I personally have two friends or just buddies that will be willing to write as well and with the creation of the analysis section we will be able to create maybe better timing and distribution for people. However, we do lack a paper version for our Estate, but with Ray's return to the Estate and the possibility that he will regain operation in NY for the sake that he knows how to deal with it and since he has a new line of connections at hand a long with me, we might be able to stabilize ourselves. (This sounds like war! lol, life is indeed a tough battle against ourselves) Finally, I have been active in pursuing new external contributions and luckily gaining the assistance of Mr. Selwyn Duke and hoping to gain two others or better yet one group and one person to respond to me.

To be exact why I am so aggressve simple I want to surpass the progress that of PINR (www.pinr.com) and Asia Times (www.atimes.com), which both attained a wide audience in short timing (a 3 year span). PINR for example has attained to the level of no logner attracting just the attention of Tufts Unviersity and the US Army, but now the US Navy, US Air Force, US State Department, the UN, Princeton, Asia Times, Global Polciy Forum, the Russian American Nuclear Security Advisory Council, and etc. I believe we can do the same as these two has done, by achieving a widespread audience we will catch the attention of the world.

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