insaneconfucius (insaneconfucius) wrote in thefourthestate,

Do Americans need Self-reexamination?

Everyone is talking about China and the EU on the international stage, but obviously more about China as it changes more rapidly than any other region. For example, it is taking a year to just complete a four story Commerce Bank building in Lower Manhattan and one year to complete a less than 20 story apartment building in Boston; yet, in China it takes less than a year to construct three 30+ apartment buildings and more than three 40+ story commercial buildings. Most Americans know that the United States of America is falling and by all statistical and pure observational outlook, China is estimated to surpass the U.S. in every aspect in 15-20 years. Yet, what do most Americans do, nothing. Ironcially, the ruling party in the U.S. advocates ideas that are suppose to prevent this from happening, but what is the de facto situation, all talk but no action.

America is currently filled with problems liek an old man about to die. We have unmeasurable problems with our education system for heaven's sakes China's third largest university pumps out more engineers than all of the U.S. and Canada combined annually. Our deficits are at a ridiculous rate and yet we blame others for our internal problems when we know full well that the deficit is by and large a result of poor fiscal policies and reckless epxenditures and for heaven's sake why does our government spend $80 billion on a 7th escape tunnel for the Library of Congress when we can let's say turn that money over to the public education system. American's know so little about the outside world that only 15-20% of the country actually have passports and most of this population if most definitely immigrant families or rich people, where's the dominating middle class? The lack of care by American's for the outside world is astonishing for example our Congress dares to challenege other countries officials by calling and not asking them to attend a Congressional hearing. Yes,this happened and a former British official of Tony Blair's cabinet, Calloway, was called before Congress a few weeks ago. What happened? Calloway gave Congress a piece of their mind. Congress was insulted and attacked so well by a foreign politician that the hearing went inconclusive because Calloway did what any sane person does tell Congress that they are all just ignoring American problems and doing jack shit such as involving themselves in the Terri Schiavo case while North Korea has nukes and Iraq has none. No wonder in a recent poll only 31% of Americans believe in Congress. Moreover, it's ridiculous how our exective branch is so idealistically inefficient that they would put their spreading democracy ideal and christian ideals before the ideals of humanity or easier yet, the efficient ideals needed to preserve America. At least our administration has put Condolezza Rice into a position that suits her. Her practical attitude and non-idealistic principles puts her in a place where America can be helped greatly on the highly neglected international front. Another thing that is flawed with America is our trade policies. We have recently gone into war with China over trading textiles. I mean it's understandable since just in the first three weeks after quotas were lifted Chinese textile imports surged to nearly 1000% according to BBC. However, China's argument is also legitimate that the western world has failed to prepare for this surge in the given 10 year range. Why? The western world never believed China would be where it is today, well that's a slap in the face. Moreover, what are our policies? Defend textiles and decimate retail and other industries that are now hanging on thanks to Chinese demand for our goods, and are saving American consumers thanks to cheap Chinese products. Another major economic problem is the rarely mentioned housing market. My dad found out that the housing market was in shambles in the U.S. a year ago according to local Chinese papers and global economists, and now after a year a small number of reports about the housing market is slowly surfacing to the front covers. The American housing market is becoming a bubble now and it can pop anytime like the dot-com problem and hwat will happen? Another major recession probably strong enouhg this time for a depression. There are so many flaws with the current United States of America that I can write afor a very long time. Of course every country has problems, but what makes us worse? Because these problems are the ones most obvious and noticable by intelligence and common sense, sadly the majority of America lacks these two aspects.
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