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The Fourth Estate - The Reformation

Welcome everybody to the Fourth Estate! Though my comp is broken i believe it is overheating and really pissing me off, anyway the fourth estate is about to hold its next meeting in Boston most likely and I believe that it will be a great place to meet and a rather more unique meeting spot. I know people are busy and so am I so I should be sorry to Nick for delaying a review for him. Anyway, there are possbilisites to be found such as in any international relations course, philosophy course, politics course, etc. or better yet in the specific clubs such as the Model UN (I will be joining for my school), Democrat/Republican club, politics/philosophy club, even in sports, or etc. the necessity of hving to find friends is not absolutely necessary since it can be also professors, upperclassmen, or just people who like to write about these things. However, friends are better since they are more trustworthy and easier to contact and communciate with. Needless to say, I am busy trying to ensure that the Estate will stay steadfast until everyone is hopefully ready (though college is seemingly easier thatn highschool, i bet our laziness has much to do with it). I personally have two friends or just buddies that will be willing to write as well and with the creation of the analysis section we will be able to create maybe better timing and distribution for people. However, we do lack a paper version for our Estate, but with Ray's return to the Estate and the possibility that he will regain operation in NY for the sake that he knows how to deal with it and since he has a new line of connections at hand a long with me, we might be able to stabilize ourselves. (This sounds like war! lol, life is indeed a tough battle against ourselves) Finally, I have been active in pursuing new external contributions and luckily gaining the assistance of Mr. Selwyn Duke and hoping to gain two others or better yet one group and one person to respond to me.

To be exact why I am so aggressve simple I want to surpass the progress that of PINR ( and Asia Times (, which both attained a wide audience in short timing (a 3 year span). PINR for example has attained to the level of no logner attracting just the attention of Tufts Unviersity and the US Army, but now the US Navy, US Air Force, US State Department, the UN, Princeton, Asia Times, Global Polciy Forum, the Russian American Nuclear Security Advisory Council, and etc. I believe we can do the same as these two has done, by achieving a widespread audience we will catch the attention of the world.
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